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ADVOCAcy Tools and resources

We've collected a variety of ethics standards governing teacher conduct from national organizations and a collection of states.  We've then highlighted and annotated particular provisions that teachers and parents can point to when challenging improper teaching practices and curriculum: 

The Educational Liberty Alliance has developed a three-step program for parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, and citizens to advocate for freedom of thought and expression in their schools. To review this program and related materials, click here:  


We support those who want to advocate for freedom of thought and expression in their schools by adopting a free thought statement. For model statements, click here: 

Some states have laws guaranteeing parents the legal right to review school curricula and teaching materials. To find out if your state has such laws, and to see those laws, click here: 

The Alliance has asked several well-regarded educators to expound on important philosophical quotes and to flesh out their relevance to the learning process, to academic excellence, and to the betterment of society.

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