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Help us support educational liberty, and freedom of expression and thought in K-12 Schools. 


ELA is pleased to announce a new teacher-focused initiative, the TERRA FIRMA Teaching Alliance. Terra Firma is a network of K-12 teachers alarmed by the rise of illiberal agendas in education, working to restore integrity and quality to their profession. 

As Terra Firma is currently our focus at ELA, please note that all proceeds from donations will be directed to support this new program. 

ELA is a 501(c)(3) org, all donations are tax-exempt


Checks Can Be Mailed To:

Educational Liberty Alliance

5340 North Magnolia Ave.
Chicago, Illinois  60640

"Regimes that exercise thought control and enforce orthodoxy are never satisfied with prohibitions and punishments. The guilty must confess and repent—both for their own and for others’ salvation."


-David S. Landes

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